Blind Mirth ****

Voodoo Rooms, 9 – 28 August 2009

Reviewed for the British Theatre Guide

Blind Mirth are on par with the better improvisational comedy troupes at the Fringe, with the added advantage that the show is free.

Though every iteration of a given improv show is by definition unique, there’s not much differentiation between the different acts on offer: everyone knows the usual games by now, and all most troupes can do is pick which to play and which to steer clear from, relying on their wits alone to lift them above the crowd. Blind Mirth do play the usual games, but manage to find extra opportunities for improvisation within the nuts and bolts of the format; improvising stories in order to inspire more than usually interesting audience suggestions, and taking audience suggestions for causes of death when a player is eliminated. These innovations would work even better with clearer delivery and a firmer hand from the compere.

It’s also unexpected and heartening, in this endemically male-dominated field, to find a troupe in which men are in the minority.


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