Fringe 2009 nest-egg invested in scientific research

Written for The Collective Review, 5 June 2009

With just over two months left until the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2009, the Fringe Society have begun investing heavily in the previously unknown International College of Ovology.

The College recently made headlines after it took possession of a specimen unearthed by workmen digging new tramlines in Edinburgh’s Princes Street.  The egg is white, oviform and unusually resistant to investigative scientific methods, including extremes of temperature and emotion.

“I’ve racked most of the cells in my formidable brain as to what it might be,” said Dr. Ed Hegg, Chief Experimental Scientist at the College.  “But, as yet, to no avail.”

The Fringe Society has pledged to aid Dr. Hegg’s research by polling fringe theatre fans for suggestions for further experiments, in return for the right to name the specimen “The Fringe Thing”.  As yet the reasons behind the Society’s interest in the Fringe Thing remain unclear, though rumours suggest that it hopes that whatever hatches from the egg will benefit Fringe 2009 in some way.

If these hopes are realised, the Fringe Thing may prove an early coup for the Fringe Society.  If not, however, the Society will have to answer searching questions about the prudence of its investment decisions.  If and when the Fringe Thing hatches, we’ll be there, bringing you the news as it happens.  Meanwhile, you can suggest experiments (and see them carried out) at – or why not speculate as to the egg’s contents in the comments section below?


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