The Sound of Murder

The Mill at Sonning Dinner Theatre, 22 October – 29 November 2008

Reviewed for the Maidenhead Advertiser, 30 October 2008

This thriller by William Fairchild proved that there’s no such thing as the perfect crime. Peter Marriott (Roderic Culver) had a clever plan to kill his lover’s spiteful husband – but everything that could go wrong with it dutifully went wrong.

A lot was wrong with the production, as well. Culver acted at the same emotional level for the entire play, whether he was plotting murder or making small talk with the secretary.

Dido Miles, who played Peter’s lover Anne, was very stiff throughout, both physically and vocally. She acted to the back row of audience more than to her fellow actors.

Steven Pinder as Charles, Anne’s husband, hit closer to the right note. His mocking self-righteousness made the audience hate his character, so it was easy to believe Anne and Peter would want him dead.

The set, designed by Terry Parsons, added effectively to the sinister atmosphere through use of dark, heavy furniture and a French window through which lightning could flash.

Before the show the Mill’s kitchen served up a nicely varied selection of dinner options, and afterwards they began a new tradition: from now on opening nights will be followed by live music in the bar.

Written by William Fairchild

Crew includes Andy de la Tour (director), Terry Parsons (set), Jane Kidd (costumes) and Matthew Biss (lighting)

Cast includes Roderic Culver (Peter Marriott), Dido Miles (Anne Norbury) and Steven Pinder (Charles Norbury)


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